The Vital Philosophy


Nutrition is

What’s ''good'' and what’s ''bad''? Most people tend to complicate their food intake. In reality, you should enjoy a variety of different foods.



Food is

Learn to be at peace after you eat and enjoy. If you've got a sweet tooth, let's learn to work with it. Food never has to be boring or tasteless!


Build self-awareness

In order to reach your goals and establish habit changes, it's important to become in tune with your thoughts, behaviors, and motivations. 


Your body speaks to you

You are the driver in your own seat. Pay attention to what makes you feel good and work with your body, not against it. 



*If you reside in Québec* Insurance receipts are provided under Naturopathy. 


Nutrition Packages

Weight Management Programs

Additional Services

Need something different? Customized packages & services are possible to suit your unique needs.


Frequent Questions

What is the difference between my packages and programs?

My packages are a bundle of consultation sessions that focus on your individual needs and concerns which may call for specific protocols. We dive deep into your root causes and reclaim your health!

My signature program is a solution that is designed specifically for women's weight management goals. It is an educative-based approach that includes audio lessons, downloadable nutrition handouts, and actionable steps that transform your eating habits, your body, and your mindset.

What happens in between our appointments?

I will review your food journals during the week and give you feedback on your meals to make sure that you're on the right path!


If you have any questions in between our appointments, the best way that you can connect with me is in your client portal. Send me a message, I'd love to hear from you! 

What happens during our appointments?

The preferred method of interaction is through virtual video calls (Zoom). This means that I can see you no matter where you are located.


Initial assessment session will focus on reviewing health forms, establishing main concerns, long-term goals, and assessing eating habits.

⇢ You will be given a nutrition plan and steps to follow until our next meeting.  


Follow-up sessions together focus on accountability. We will recap your experience in between sessions. I will review your progress, address challenges, wins, answering food, nutrition, exercise, or general health questions.

⇢ You will be given modified/new recommendations and your next action steps to focus on until our next meeting.