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nutritionist free consultation montreal

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Holistic Nutritionist Services / Nutritionniste Montreal

What is Holistic Nourishment?

Lose weight nutrition program montreal

With the Upgrade Yourself program, you will never go on another diet! 

  • Weight Management
    Are you struggling to maintain a healthy weight and often feel confused and overwhelmed? Or, have you lost weight in the past but struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle?
  • Relationship With Food
    Are you having difficulty allowing yourself to enjoy food? Maybe years of restriction has convinced you of ideas like ''good'' vs. ''bad'' foods. I will teach you how you can remove the guilt and eat the foods that help you feel good physically and mentally.
  • Sustainable Food Habits
    Are you looking to clean up your diet, but feel confused? I will teach you how to make better food choices that align with your lifestyle, food preferences and goals!
  • Digestive Health, IBS
    Are you are struggling with your digestion and don't know where to start? Or, have you have tried to get help in the past but still struggle with symptom management?
  • Metabolic Health Concerns
    I will guide you on the food changes and lifestyle choices to support healthy blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, and a healthy weight.
Naturopath Montreal

Insurance Claims: As a member of the ANPQ, insurance receipts are provided under Naturopathy coverage. Please note that Jessica Botsas is not a dietitian (RD, P.Dt, Dt.P).

Holistic Nutritionist - whole foods

Jessica Botsas is the founder of Vital Wellness, a private holistic wellness practice with a whole foods and non-diet approach to health. This means no food restrictions, and no spending hours meal prepping for the week - who has the time, or the energy?

Stop the overwhelm!

I will help you unravel this huge disconnect between where you are now and where you want to be. You will learn about the different foods that help balance and support your body's needs.

What can you expect?

While working together, you can expect a personalized plan of action tailored to support your specific health needs, delicious recipes that satisfy you, and food guides to support your journey. Build better habits and achieve your goals without hunger or restriction!

Get back to living a life that brings you joy, and confidence in your own skin.  

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