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*If you reside in Québec* Insurance receipts are provided under Naturopathy coverage.

Weight Management


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Customized services are possible to suit your unique needs.

Online Weight Management Programs

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Online Programs

Frequent Questions

What is the difference between my packages and programs?

My packages are a bundle of consultation sessions that focus on your individual needs and concerns. With deep support and accountability, we dive in and reclaim your health!

My programs are designed specifically for women's weight management goals. It is an online educative-based approach that includes audio lessons, downloadable handouts, and actionable steps that transform your eating habits, your body, and your mindset.

What happens during our appointments?

The preferred method of interaction is through virtual video calls (Zoom). This means that I can see you no matter where you are located.


The initial consultation session will focus on reviewing health forms, establishing main concerns, assess eating habits and long-term goals. You will be given a plan of action and recommendations to follow until our next meeting.  


The follow-up sessions together focus on accountability and establishing new goals. We will recap your experience in between sessions. I will review your progress, address challenges, and wins, answering food, exercise, or general health questions. You will be given modified/new recommendations and goals to focus on until our next meeting. 

What happens in between our appointments?

You will focus on implementing new changes and goals for our next appointment.


I will review your food journals once per week, and give you feedback on your meals to make sure that you're on the right path!


If you have any questions or comments in between our appointments, I'd love to hear from you! 

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