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 Don't go on another diet.


Do You Struggle With

Staying consistent?

Feeling hungry all the time?

Feeling run down & exhausted?

Feeling restricted & unsatisfied?

montreal nutritionist vital wellness weight loss program

Here Are Some Common Reasons Why

- Poor Food Quality

- Imbalanced Meals

- Being Under-Prepared

- Sugar & Refined Carbohydrates

- Inadequate Absorption of Nutrients 

- Metabolic Syndrome

- Low Gut Health & High Inflammation

- Overburdened Liver

- Stress & Anxiety (Physical & Mental)

- Uncontrollable Hunger & Cravings

- Ignoring Your Body Signals

- Social Pressure & Lack of Support

nutritionist vital wellness weight loss program

This Program Addresses It All. What Should You Expect?

  • Increased energy and stamina.

  • Breaking psychological + physical plateaus.

  • Reduction in body fat without restrictive dieting.

  • Rebuild your relationship with food.

  • Learn how to listen to your body.

  • Rebalance your hormones, gut & liver.

  • Decrease cravings and uncontrollable hunger.

  • Cook simple meals, without spending hours in the kitchen.

  • Implement new eating and social habits surrounding food.

Don't Have That Much Time? Upgrade Your Habits!

Upgrade Your Habits is a 4-week program. It addresses the first 4 weeks of the Upgrade Yourself 10-week program. This is for individuals who want to kickstart their nutrition and build solid foundational habits.

Upgrade Yourself Weight Loss program

The information is very clear and easy to comprehend plus lots of tools to use in order to be successful. I have found a balance between wellness and still being able to eat foods I enjoy. I learnt how vital the mental role plays into my relationship with food. I'm 15 lbs down and I have kept it off for months even after program ended.  

— Linda R.